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The First Week's A Doozy

Tuesday, September 4th, 2007

I want to have updated with each week’s stats by Sunday night/Monday morning. I’ve obviously missed the mark this week. Sorry for the delay.

Week one figured to be the most difficult — it was last season — because things are bound to change from the previous season. There were many unanticipated format changes in the game boxscores that my software reads. So I’ve spent much of my time changing my code to handle the new formats and their quirks. Plus, many of the boxscores contain the names of players that are not found in my team rosters (or are misspelled), even though I get the team rosters from the school websites. So for each new player, I need to figure out the full name, position, and class and enter it into my database. On top of all that, week one has the highest number of games (68) of any week, since there are a lot of inter-conference games and games against I-AA opponents (hello Appalachian State).

I guess that’s enough with the excuses. My current ETA for updating the website is Tuesday evening/Wednesday morning. Then I’ll take a look at the kickoff data for week one to see what impact the new rule has had so far.