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October 21st, 2008

Before last Saturday’s game against Mississippi, Alabama had not trailed in a game this season. That streak was broken with 5:25 left in the first quarter when Joshua Shene’s field goal put Ole Miss up 3-0. Alabama wasted no time starting a new streak on the next drive, taking the lead for good with a 4-play, 73-yard touchdown drive that took just 1 minute and 15 seconds.

While Alabama’s streak was broken, it still holds the lead among FBS schools in the least amount of time spent trailing this season. Here is the top 15:

Team G Trail Minutes Trail Minutes/G Record
Alabama 7 1:15 0:10.7 7-0
Boise State 6 6:51 1:08.5 6-0
Ball State 7 11:06 1:35.1 7-0
Oklahoma 7 11:37 1:39.6 6-1
Texas Tech 7 15:36 2:13.7 7-0
Florida 6 15:38 2:36.3 5-1
Penn State 8 36:29 4:33.6 8-0
Oklahoma State 7 31:56 4:33.7 7-0
Tulsa 7 42:35 6:05.0 7-0
Auburn 7 48:28 6:55.4 4-3
Texas 7 51:16 7:19.4 7-0
Boston College 6 50:10 8:21.7 5-1
TCU 8 75:41 9:27.6 7-1
South Florida 7 68:14 9:44.9 6-1
Georgia 7 70:27 10:03.9 6-1

Boise State is the only team that is relatively close to Alabama in not letting its opponent take the lead. Boise State has only trailed in the first half of its game against Oregon, taking 6 minutes and 51 seconds over three drives to reclaim the lead for good.

As you might expect even before looking at the list, the teams that trail the least generally end up with the best records. Every team on the list is either undefeated or has one loss, except Auburn. Auburn is helped because it never trailed in its four wins, and had 2nd-half leads in its three losses. Those 2nd-half leads slipped away for the most part due to an offense that is ranked 107th in Total Offense and 97th in Scoring Offense.