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Ground Conversions

October 23rd, 2008

Nothing beats a good third- or fourth-and-short situation, especially when the game is on the line. The offense and defense are both in short-yardage formations and the crowd is on its feet and screaming. It usually comes down to which line can get the bigger push, but it helps on offense to have a quarterback or running back that has a nose for the first down marker or goal line.

Here’s a look at the players in the FBS that have had the most success in short-yardage rushing situations this season. Third- and fourth-down rushing plays with two yards to go or less are considered, and the play is converted if the ball carrier gets a first down or touchdown (or both). To qualify for the list, a player must have a minimum of nine third- or fourth-down short-yardage rushing attempts on the season.

Rank Player Team Pos Rush Att. Conv. Conv. %
1 Dennis Kennedy Akron RB 11 11 100.00%
1 Damion Fletcher Southern Miss. RB 9 9 100.00%
3 Zac Robinson Oklahoma State QB 12 11 91.67%
4 Todd Newell Air Force FB 11 10 90.91%
5 Donald Brown Connecticut TB 10 9 90.00%
6 Daryll Clark Penn State QB 9 8 88.89%
7 Josh Freeman Kansas State QB 17 15 88.24%
8 Harvey Unga BYU RB 14 12 85.71%
9 Chris Crane Boston College QB 12 10 83.33%
9 Frank Summers UNLV RB 12 10 83.33%
11 Joseph Turner TCU TB 11 9 81.82%
11 Curtis Brinkley Syracuse RB 11 9 81.82%
13 Kory Sheets Purdue RB 15 12 80.00%
13 Vai Taua Nevada RB 15 12 80.00%
13 Tim Tebow Florida QB 10 8 80.00%
13 Anthony Dixon Miss. State RB 10 8 80.00%
13 Charles Scott LSU RB 10 8 80.00%
18 Anthony Turner Bowling Green RB 9 7 77.78%
18 Graham Harrell Texas Tech QB 9 7 77.78%
18 Aaron Opelt Toledo QB 9 7 77.78%
18 Rodney Stewart Colorado TB 9 7 77.78%

On this list, both Dennis Kennedy of Akron and Damion Fletcher of Southern Miss are perfect on their attempts this season, and four other players have missed on one attempt. While Florida’s Tim Tebow has converted 80% of his attempts, one of the two that he’s missed was the crucial fourth-and-one play late in the game against Mississippi that sealed the win for the Rebels.

Josh Freeman of Kansas State has the most conversions (15), and he and Javon Ringer of Michigan State have had the most attempts (17). Ringer has converted 12 of 17 (70.59%) for the season so he missed the list above.

The complete list can be downloaded here.