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Clutch Field Goal

October 28th, 2008

Kevin Goessling of Fresno State kicked a 58-yard field goal with time expiring on Saturday to beat Utah State 30-28. That’s the definition of a clutch field goal attempt: make it and you win or keep playing; miss it and the game’s over, you lose.

Goessling is the 33rd player since the start of the 2005 season to kick a field goal on the last play of regulation or in overtime, with his team trailing, that either won or tied the game. At 58 yards, Goessling’s kick is the longest in those situations, six yards longer than Alex Trlica’s 52-yard boot on December 29, 2006.

Here are the successful “make it or lose” field goals of 35 yards or longer since 2005:

Player Team Opponent Date Yards
Kevin Goessling Fresno State Utah State 10/25/2008 58
Alex Trlica Texas Tech Minnesota 12/29/2006 52
Daniel Lincoln Tennessee UCLA 9/1/2008 47
Lones Seiber Kentucky LSU 10/13/2007 43
Alexis Serna Oregon State Oregon 12/1/2007 41
Jared McLaughlin Brigham Young TCU 9/24/2005 39
Garrett Hartley Oklahoma Baylor 10/22/2005 39
Denis Hopovac North Texas Florida Intl. 10/7/2006 39
Dustin Rivest Florida Intl. North Texas 10/7/2006 37
Jeremy Ito Rutgers West Virginia 12/2/2006 37
Steve Aponavicius Boston College Navy 12/30/2006 37
Warley Leroy Fla. Atlantic La.-Monroe 10/27/2007 37
Mark Buchholz Clemson South Carolina 11/24/2007 35

The complete list can be downloaded here.