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Devine Running

October 5th, 2009

Noel Devine’s 77-yard touchdown run against Colorado last Thursday moved him into first place among active players in the number of career rushing attempts of 70 or more yards:

 Player           Yr   Team              Att    70+   Att/70+
 Noel Devine      JR   West Virginia     352     5      70.4
 Jahvid Best      JR   California        305     4      76.3
 Jonathan Dwyer   JR   Georgia Tech      347     3     115.7
 Chris Rainey     SO   Florida           116     3      38.7
 Lonyae Miller    SR   Fresno State      328     3     109.3
 C.J. Spiller     SR   Clemson           475     3     158.3
 Carlos Brown     SR   Michigan          164     2      82.0
 DeMarco Murray   JR   Oklahoma          361     2     180.5
 James Starks     SR   Buffalo           698     2     349.0
 Bryce Beall      SO   Houston           259     2     129.5
 Jeremy Avery     JR   Boise State       286     2     143.0
 Phillip Livas    JR   Louisiana Tech     48     2      24.0

Among players with more than one 70+ yard run, Devine has the third-best ratio, averaging a 70+ yard rush every 70.4 attempts.  Louisiana Tech WR Phillip Rivas has the top ratio, with a 70+ yard run every 24.0 attempts, followed by Florida RB Chris Rainey with a 70+ yard run every 38.7 attempts.  However, Rivas and Rainey do not have nearly as many rushing attempts as Devine.

Besides their ability to break long runs, Devine, Rivas, and Rainey have another thing in common — their size.  Devine is 5’8″ and weighs 176 pounds, Rivas is 5’8″ and weighs 175 pounds, and Rainey is 5’9″ and weighs 175 pounds.