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ESPN College GameDay must be a fan of

October 18th, 2009

Last Monday, I wrote about Boston College QB Dave Shinskie’s miserable passing efficiency rating against Virginia Tech on October 10th. During Saturday morning’s ESPN College Gameday show, host Chris Fowler mentioned Shinskie and basically gave a summary of my blog entry — that Shinkie’s efficiency rating for the game was the worst in the last 5+ seasons for quarterback with at least 10 pass attempts. However, Fowler did not mention the source of his information.

I assume that College GameDay researchers come up with most of the stats that are presented on the show, not necessarily Fowler himself. While it’s possible that the researchers noticed Shinskie’s performance on their own, it’s very unlikely that they (or anyone else) independently used the same criteria to qualify Shinskie’s performance that I used (minimum 10 passes; last 5+ seasons).

I’m happy that College GameDay finds information on to be useful, and even though the information is freely available, I expect as a courtesy for to be properly cited. While I’m not aware of every instance that data from is used, I know that other media companies, newspapers, and bloggers have been kind enough to cite when they’ve used data.