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Flags Are Flyin’ in the Sun Belt, Big 12

October 20th, 2009

Saturday’s Red River Rivalry game featured a total of 21 penalties between the two teams, Oklahoma and Texas.  It was the 4th game out of 14 Big 12 conference games this season that had 20 or more total penalties, topped by 28 total penalties between Colorado and Texas on October 10.

I thought that the Big 12 would lead the nation in total penalties per conference game this season, but I was wrong.  That title goes to the Sun Belt, which not only leads all FBS conferences this season but currently has the highest number of total penalties per conference game of any conference in the last 5+ seasons.

 Conference      Season    G   Pen.   Pen./G
 Sun Belt         2009    11   186    16.91
 Big 12           2009    14   229    16.36
 Sun Belt         2004    30   475    15.83
 Sun Belt         2005    28   440    15.71
 Big 12           2005    49   749    15.29
 Big East         2007    28   424    15.14
 Sun Belt         2008    28   401    14.32
 Conference USA   2009    17   243    14.29
 Sun Belt         2007    28   395    14.11
 Atlantic Coast   2005    49   690    14.08

The Sun Belt is almost the perennial leader in this category, and is on pace to easily beat its previous high mark from 2004.  The Big 12 is over a half-penalty per conference game behind the Sun Belt this season, but is also on pace to beat the Sun Belt’s 2004 mark.