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300 in 30 minutes

November 11th, 2009

In the games of Saturday, November 7, five QB’s threw for 300 or more yards in a half, which more than doubled the previous 2009 season total of four.  Of the nine times that it has happened so far this season, the teams whose QB threw for 300 yards in a half are 6-3.

                                              1st   2nd
 Player             Team          Date        Half  Half  Total  W/L
 Case Keenum        Houston       10/31/2009  304   255   559    Win
 Case Keenum        Houston       11/07/2009  311   211   522    Win
 Steven Sheffield   Texas Tech    10/10/2009  370   120   490    Win
 Zach Collaros      Cincinnati    11/07/2009  333   147   480    Win
 Greg Alexander     Hawaii        09/19/2009  341   136   477    Loss
 Blaine Gabbert     Missouri      11/07/2009  322   146   468    Loss
 Ryan Lindley       San Diego St  10/24/2009  132   327   459    Win
 Jimmy Clausen      Notre Dame    11/07/2009  112   340   452    Loss
 Jonathan Crompton  Tennessee     11/07/2009  305    26   331    Win

Case Keenum has done it twice this season, the last two games in a row.  The names Texas Tech and Hawaii are not surprising, even if their QB’s are relatively unknown.  Zach Collaros showed why he will remain the starter this week even with Tony Pike returning from injury.  And Jonathon Crompton continues his unlikely journey from offensive liability to asset.

The FBS individual record for passing yards in a half is 517 by Houston’s Andre Ware during his 1989 Heisman Trophy winning season.