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Jacquizz Has The Answer For How Not To Fumble

November 19th, 2009

Oregon State sophomore RB Jacquizz Rodgers has not fumbled in his college career.   He has had 565 career touches without fumbling, which is the most among active players.   For touches, I’m including rushing attempts, receptions, punt returns and kickoff returns.

Here are the active players with the lowest percentage of fumbles on a minimum of 300 career touches.

 Player             Team              Yr  Pos  Touches Fumbles
 Jacquizz Rodgers   Oregon State      SO   RB    565      0
 Victor Anderson    Louisville        SO   RB    315      0
 Andre Dixon        Connecticut       SR   RB    382      1
 Keiland Williams   LSU               SR   RB    340      1
 Jake Sharp         Kansas            SR   RB    522      2
 DaJuane Collins    Toledo            SR   RB    484      2
 Mark Ingram        Alabama           SO   RB    370      2
 Mikell Simpson     Virginia          SR   RB    366      2
 Reggie Arnold      Arkansas State    SR   RB    712      4
 Dwayne Priest      Eastern Michigan  JR   RB    345      2
 Deonte` Jackson    Idaho             JR   RB    517      3

At the other end of spectrum, here are the active players with the most career fumbles, regardless of the number of touches.

 Player             Team              Yr  Pos  Touches Fumbles
 Thaddeus Lewis     Duke              SR   QB    347     37
 Juice Williams     Illinois          SR   QB    613     32
 Josh Nesbitt       Georgia Tech      JR   QB    444     32
 Corey Leonard      Arkansas State    SR   QB    511     29
 Donovan Porterie   New Mexico        SR   QB    183     27
 Colt McCoy         Texas             SR   QB    399     25
 Max Hall           BYU               SR   QB    173     25
 Zac Robinson       Oklahoma State    SR   QB    403     24
 Todd Reesing       Kansas            SR   QB    318     24
 Diondre Borel      Utah State        JR   QB    340     22
 Adam Weber         Minnesota         JR   QB    333     22