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October 17th, 2010

I’ve made some changes to the splits shown on the site — two splits were combined, four splits were removed, and four splits were added.

The “on Road” and “at Neutral Site” splits have been combined into a single “on Road/Neutral Site” split.  I don’t think the “at Neutral Site” split by itself was all that useful since a small percentage of games are played at neutral sites, and only a handful of teams play more than one neutral site game each season.  I think most people just want to know how teams perform when they are at home vs. when they are not at home.  The “at Home” and “on Road/Neutral Site” splits now provide that information.

The “Grass Field” and “Turf Field” splits have been removed.  Playing surface splits are not as relevant as they maybe once were.   Artificial surfaces like FieldTurf that are widely used today are nothing like the AstroTurf abominations that prevailed in the 70’s and 80’s at stadiums like the Vet in Philadelphia.   Artificial surface technologies have advanced enough that I don’t believe the playing surface — grass or turf — has a significant effect on the outcome of a game.

The “vs. Winning” and “vs non-Winning” splits have also been removed.  These were a little harder to let go, but I prefer the new splits to these and these have limitations that I’ve noted before.  I also had server space to consider and wanted to keep the total number of splits about the same, so these had to go.

The splits that have been added are “vs FBS (I-A)”, “vs FCS (I-AA)”, “vs BCS AQ”, and “vs BCS non-AQ”.   These splits were the most-often requested.  The first two are self-explanatory, and allow you to filter out the statistics for FBS teams in games against FCS teams, which are usually (but not always) a mismatch.

The “vs BCS AQ” split shows the statistics against BCS automatic qualifying conferences — ACC, Big East, Big Ten, Big 12, Pac-10, and SEC — and Notre Dame.  The “vs BCS non-AQ” split encompasses the rest of the FBS conferences and independent teams.

For now, these changes only apply to the 2010 season.  The other seasons still show the old splits, but the new splits will be phased in over time.