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November 1st, 2010

One reason I created was to provide stats that are not available on any other website.  To my knowledge, there is not another website where you can freely find statistics like Kellen Moore’s passing statistics on 1st down or which team leads the nation in the number of plays of 50 or more yards, among many others.

I would like to request that if you use stats from this website in your broadcast, website, newspaper, game notes, etc., that be cited as the source of the data.  Some of the traditional college football statistics on can also be obtained from other sources, so I don’t expect to be cited for that data, though it would be appreciated.  However, if you use statistics that can only be found on like those I mentioned above, I would appreciate a reference to as the source of the data.

When you cite this website, please refer to this website simply as  For an online reference, I would appreciate a link to the home page of or a link to the page containing the specific statistic mentioned in the article.

Like anybody that creates a website, I would like as many people as possible to be aware of and use   Citing this website when you use the data helps increase the awareness.

Finally, to those college football writers, bloggers, and websites that support and regularly cite, thank you very much.