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Split Statistics

All stat categories broken down by game location, game result, playing surface, opponent, and month. Split statistics are provided by team and player.

Situational Statistics

Rushing, passing, and receiving broken down by half, quarter, down and distance, field position, and score. Situational statistics are provided by team and player.

Leader Boards

Sortable national and conference leaders for teams and players, for all games and by split statistics.

October Pledge Drive Update

November 1st, 2011

Since we’ve moved into November, the Pledge Drive is now complete.  For the month of October, 58 donations were made for a total of $1,274.88.  Thank you so much for your donations and support of

I also want to thank everyone who visited the website last month.  October was the biggest month ever for in terms of visitors, with 128,209 visitors viewing 1,382,270 pages.