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Split Statistics

All stat categories broken down by game location, game result, playing surface, opponent, and month. Split statistics are provided by team and player.

Situational Statistics

Rushing, passing, and receiving broken down by half, quarter, down and distance, field position, and score. Situational statistics are provided by team and player.

Leader Boards

Sortable national and conference leaders for teams and players, for all games and by split statistics.

Opening Up

September 30th, 2012

I’m happy to announce the first open release of college football data from

This release includes game-level statistics for the 2005-2012 seasons, comprising 5892 games through 9/29/2012.  The plan is to update the data file for 2012 each week for the rest of the season.  As time allows, future releases will also include more in-depth data, including play-level data.  I had hoped to get some play-level data into this first release, but my primary goal was to release something this week and I did not have time.

While I’d like this first release to be perfect, I don’t expect it.  I do expect there be an iterative process of improvement in each release based on your feedback.  Please send any comments or questions to